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The best paying online casino slots in Canada

Hundreds of online slots are always popping up all the time. With the best software providers competing against each other, both in terms of entertainment value and features, it comes as no surprise that a newcomer to Canadian online casinos might struggle to make ends meet.

Although slot games have been created with the aim of providing entertainment, the majority of players want to achieve potential winnings. Deciphering which ones are the best-paying slots in Canada can be a daunting task, both in terms of availability at your casino of choice, and in terms of readily available games.

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While plenty of software providers focus on the classics, plenty more want to appeal to the broadest range of players, by providing slot games with a storyline, embellished graphics and realistic sounds for maximum potential.

Whatever your preference, there are some characteristics that every player is actively searching for:

  • The best paying online casino slots with favourable odds and big payouts
  • The best paying online casino slots such as jackpots
  • The best paying online casino slots in terms of entertainment value

Even if you find the best slot games, you would still need to find a safe Canadian online casino to play these games. This is why, at GambleGenie, we only promote tried and tested casinos that have surpassed our tests.

Furthermore, all the casinos hosted at GambleGenie use a Random Number Generator, and all games have their Return-to-Player (RTP) rates on display.

Tips & tips on finding the best paying online casino slots

Before we even dive into the subject, you need to be familiar with the dynamics that embody online slots. Online slots are programmed differently so that the slot hit rate, the Return-to-Play and volatility can differ from one game to another.

If you want to stand a chance at winning at slot games, there are a few steps that you must take into consideration:

The Return-to-Player (RTP)

First off, you need to understand the purpose of the RTP. It is the percentage assigned to a slot game that is expected to pay the player back over a specific time. In short, how much you are expected to get back the longer you play. You can learn more about the RTP here.

If you are playing an online slot with an RTP of 98%, you are expected to get back $98 for every $100 you bet. The RTP is always and only calculated over a long period, so volatility (Low and high) even out.

Learning the RTP of the best paying online casino slots

Before sitting down to the play an online slot, you need to discover its RTP:

  • If it has an RTP of 93% or less: Low RTP
  • Between 93% and 95%: Low RTP
  • Between 95% and 97%: Average RTP
  • Between 97% and 98%: Great RTP
  • Higher than 98%: Best RTP

Of course, the higher the RTP, the better are the chances of you getting your money back and more. This is only one step of many on discovering the best paying online casino slots.

These subtle differences can have a significant effect on the outcomes of your spins. So it’s always best to use this information to your advantage to seek out the best paying online casino slots in Canada:


Volatility is not a widely used term amongst players, but it’s a term that indicates how often a slot game is to payout, and the size of the wins. Also known as variance, games are coined Low or High variance.

Preference for volatility can also depend on the player’s choice. If a game is said to be of low variance, it means you are expected more frequent wins, albeit on a smaller scale. On the other hand, a game of high variance, won’t pay out as often, but when it goes, the payouts will be huge.

In games with high volatility, a bonus round usually makes up for the losing streak.

Hit Rate

The Hit Rate refers to how often you are expected to land on a winning payline when playing an online slot game. Some casino sites do publish this information to give you a good idea of what to expect. Online slots with a higher hit rate, tend to pay smaller amounts to make up for the complex payout structure.

Slots with a low hit rate will pay out less regularly but the prizes will be more significant. The hit rate and variance have a lot in common, are thus interlinked.

How to find the best paying online casino slots

Now that you understand the essential factors that can affect your winning chances, we want to share some tips on picking the best paying online casino slots.

  • Pick a slot game with an RTP of 96% or over, so you can expect to win a fair amount back.
  • Pick a game with a bonus round, since a free spins round almost always gives back a profit. Additionally slot games with a free spins rounds, tend to come part and parcel with wilds, multipliers, etc
  • Avoid progressive jackpots as they will have a lower RTP, and are less likely to pay out frequently. Progressive jackpots, in general, have bad odds and if you are looking to maintain your bankroll, it’s best to seek a low to medium volatility slot game.
  • Avoid flashy video slots. Slot games like ones based on comics or movies, have been created with the sole purpose to appeal to fans, and are less likely to payout. If you have your heart set on a specific movie slot games, perhaps it might be best to read a few reviews to see what other players have said.
  • Seek information. As already stated knowledge is your best weapon when it comes to online gambling in Canada. Learn the hit rate, bonus frequency and RTP, so you can pick slot games based on how likely you are to make a profit. Don’t go for flashy games or base your decision on looks. Go for the paytable.
  • Play free slots first. A great way to get a feel of a slot game is to play it for free. Many Canadian Casinos, allow you to play slot games for free, provided you have signed up for an account. You don’t even have to make a deposit, to take advantage of this opportunity.

Discover the best paying online casino slots

Mega Joker: Up to 99% RTP

Mega Joker might not have the best looks, but it’s a classic fruit machine game by Net Entertainment. It is a classic game, in every sense of the world. It only has 5 pay lines, bell and fruit symbols, and mystery prizes.

Though it might not have much in terms of entertainment value, it has a massive 99% RTP, provided you are playing in super mode.

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Monopoly Big Event: 99% RTP

This game was created by Barcrest, to provide unique features, generous bonuses and an even better RTP. Provided you play in the big bet mode, where you have to wager $30 for five spins, the RTP can hit the 99% percentile.

That being said, it has a lot of extras, that Mega Joker doesn’t, including multipliers, free spins, wilds and sticks wily. If you are a high roller, have a look at our Highrollers Casino page to get started.

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1429 Uncharted Seas: 98.6% RTP

In the third spot, we find 1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick. This unconventional Swedish Software Provider has been creating some of the best slots in the Canadian market.

Boasting superb graphics, this slot sees you sailing away, where triggering the right features, can bestow you with free spins, expanding wilds and big payouts.

Get ready to say, “Ahoy Matey”, with an RTP of 98.6%.

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Although there are plenty of factors to keep in mind when on the search of the best paying online casino slots, you also need to play at a legitimate Canadian casino, that comes with all the bells and whistles. Since you will be providing your personal and financial information to the casino, you would want to make sure it is licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling body, since it will guarantee fairness.

Even better, you would want to claim a top Canadian casino bonus with lower wagering requirements. You can have a look at the list of no wagering casinos at GambleGenie here. Taking advantage of a casino bonus will increase your bankroll, and therefore give you a better chance of making a profit, without having to use your own money first.

Most importantly, you need to remember that you are playing the best slot games for fun, and not just for winning. There are plenty of slot games that are readily available for your entertainment. Now that you know how to use this knowledge to your advantage, you can actively pick the best paying online casino slots on your own.

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