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Big Win at Casumo Canada with Moon Princess Slot

Casumo casino has a beautiful collection of slot games with unique themes and various winning patterns and combinations. But it’s not every day that we get to hear of some big wins bagged by players. We got the chance to have a conversation with a lucky player who hit a massive win on Casumo casino Canada while playing the slot game Moon Princess.

Let’s hear it from the man of the moment himself who shares with us his story of this exciting win!

Q. Tell Us About Your Winning Experience And What It Felt Like To Strike Such A Lucky Win.

A. I’ve been playing at Casumo Canada for almost a year now, and there are about four or five slot games that I enjoy playing regularly. Moon Princess is among them, and I love the fact that it’s straightforward to play and has a multiplier feature that increases the winnings.

I always limit my sessions to 30 minutes, which helps me avoid losing a lot. This time, I had spent about 20 minutes playing Moon Princess. That was when I triggered the Princess Trinity feature, which earned me 150 CAD and emptied the entire 5x5 tileset. This, in turn, activated the Free Spins feature, which awarded me 14 consecutive Free Spins. On the 12th Free Spin, I managed to land 5 wild Moon Symbols in a horizontal row that worked together with the multiplier to award me 5000 x times my bet, which is the biggest possible win in Moon Princess.

It was such a thrilling experience to see on the screen that I just won 50000 CAD. I took a minute to recollect my senses and let the feeling sink in, and then proceeded to request a withdrawal for such a big win! Thinking about it still makes my heart skip a beat, and I must say that I was unbelievably lucky to land such an extremely rare reward!

Q. So You Talk About Princess Trinity And Free Spin Features. Can You Explain What These Features Are To Our Readers?

A. There are three categories of symbols on Moon Princess – normal symbols (a star, a bell, and a green emblem), princess symbols (representing each of the three Moon Princesses), and the Wild Moon symbol, which can substitute for any other symbol.

Whenever you get a horizontal or vertical combination of 3 or more princess symbols, it fills up a bar on the left side of the screen. If the whole bar is filled in a single spin, the Princess Trinity feature is activated. This feature leads to each princess using their Girl Power ability consecutively. Princess Love transforms one set of symbols to another set, Star adds one or two Wild Moon Symbol to the grid, and Storm removes two sets of symbols from the grid.

If at any point, the entire grid is emptied, you get the Free Spins feature, which activates up to 14 free spins powered by one of the three princesses. You have to choose which princess you wish to power the free spins. And based on your choice, the princess will use her Girl Power ability in every spin where you don’t land any winning combo.

Q. Would You Say It Was Pure Luck Or Did You Apply Any Strategy Which Led To The Win?

A. For most of the part, it’s just a matter of luck. But when I had activated the Free Spins feature by emptying the whole grid, my instinct told me to choose Princess Star to power the free spins because her Girl Power ability adds Wild Moon Symbol to the grid, which is also the highest paying symbol if you land them three or more together.

Still, that’s not a sure shot strategy that will always guarantee big wins, and it was just me going with my gut feeling. So you can imagine the shock when I saw 5 Moon Symbols land together in the 12th Free Spin. I was frozen for a few seconds just seeing that!

Q. What Do You Plan To Do With The Winning Amount?

A. 50000 CAD is a considerable amount; in fact, it’s more than the average annual income in Canada. I put in a withdrawal request a few days ago, and the money is well on its way to my account! My first priority is to do a full renovation of my house, which I was actually saving for many months.

Other than that, I haven’t really planned what I would do with the remainder of the money. I have a decent job, and I’m financially stable, so there aren’t any crucial expenses I need to take care of at the moment. I think it will be best to put some of the money into my savings and use the rest for a nice and simple vacation.