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When you use an online casino, you want to gamble on the games – not the quality of the casino! That’s why the smartest gamblers consult The Genie! Today, we’re feeling patriotic, so we asked him to pick out some of the best Canadian casinos!

The Best Online Casinos in Canada 2020

Why Choose a Canadian Casino Online?

We can think of dozens of reasons why Canada online casinos are the best bet for Canadian gamblers, here are just a few:

– English Language Customer Support

Most gamblers have a trouble-free experience, but, if you run into problems, it can be reassuring to know that there’s quality support on hand from a Canadian customer support team that speaks your own language!

– CAD Currency

You’re already busy working out the odds, thinking about your hand, or where to place your chips, so the last thing you need is to be converting everything into $Euros, or $USD! When you choose a Canadian casino, you have the convenience of betting in your own native currency $CAD!

– Legal Protection

Any Canadian casino needs a license from the Gambling Commission in order to operate legally. And licenses are only granted to casinos that offer members a fair, safe, and secure environment to gamble in. That means they can’t rig their games, and they must protect transactions and customer data.

Needless to say, The Genie likes to keep things legit and only adds licensed casinos to our lists!

What Does it Take to Make the Best Canadian Online Casino List 2020?

Casinos that make it onto our list have to pass The Genie’s tests.

Some of the features he loves are a great range of games, attentive customer support, and fair odds. Generous bonuses also catch The Genie’s eye – and if that’s a big deal for you too then why not check out our guide to getting the best casino bonus?

How can I Play at a Online Casino Canada

Modern Canadian online casinos provide a range of options for easy gambling, meaning you can often play through your browser, via a mobile app, or via software you download to your computer. And, if you prefer a ‘real’ casino experience, why not explore our guide to the best live casinos – where you can play against real live dealers online!

Are Canadian Casino Winnings Taxed?

No! Provided you’re a Canadian citizen, one of the big benefits of gambling is the fact that all winnings are 100% exempt from income tax…

That’s right, however much you win, the taxman won’t get a penny!

Ready to Place Your Bets?

Why wait? The Genie’s worked his magic, now it’s your turn to work yours! Just select from our list of the best online casino Canada, sign-up, and place your first bet!

Can’t decide which to choose? Well,who says you have to? Why not sign-up to a few, and choose which you like the best? You can check out for more alternatives!

Absolutely! So long as you’re a Canadian citizen over 18, the Gambling Act of 2005 allows you to gamble legally at any legitimate, licensed casino – whether land-based or online. (Gamblers from other jurisdictions should check their local laws, and the T’s&C’s of the Canadian casino they want to join, before signing-up).