Interac Casinos


If you are looking for a Canadian payment solution to facilitate your deposits, Interac is your ideal option. Interac is one of the fastest and easiest to use payment methods, created and developed by Canadians for Canadian players.

It comes as no surprise then that there has been a surge in demand for Interac Casinos. We have compiled a list of the best Interac Casinos in Canada with various match deposit bonuses and free spins deals for Canadian Casino players.

The GambleGenie team has compiled a list of the best interac casino sites for Canadian players. You can use Interac to play at casinos for real money and to facilitate deposits without having to worry about safety or the quality of the games on offer.

Best Interac Casinos in Canada

What is Interac?

There are numerous payment methods out there, and new systems are continually cropping up. Many casino players from various countries tend to get confused and are never quite sure which banking method is best.

When it comes to online gambling at Canadian casinos, where the importance of a safe banking method is vital, choosing the right payment solution could solve any potential problems before they erupt. Players must consider the ideal payment methods carefully in terms of safety and security when playing at casinos for real money.

There are online banking methods such as Interac that have proved time and time again to be reliable. This payment method guarantees the safety of your deposits as well as providing you with the convenience of money transfers in Canada.

Opting to use Interac at a new Canadian casino site has proven to not only be efficient but also a quick payment method.

Since its foundation in the 1980s, this non-profit business was initially set up to supply a demand for debit cards, but these days it has expanded to provide a more innovative and fast way to process payments.

Because there are prominent banks and financial institutions backing up Interac, it makes it a secure online payment service.

In terms of fee, you can always expect the fee regardless of the size of your deposits. Bank fees can range between $1 and $1.50. You can sign up and play at the best online casinos in Canada, safe in the knowledge that you are using a reliable banking method for your deposits and withdrawals.

How do I make a deposit into my casino account with Interac?

To make an Interac casino deposit, you would first have to follow all the guidelines to use it as a secure banking method by any Toronto online casinos or your casino of choice. Once you have done this, you would need to head to the webpage of your bank and to opt for Interac online banking method.

You would then be asked to enter the amount you wish to deposit, the name of the casino you want to make the deposit and to answer a security question which will then be sent to your email address in a matter of minutes.

Once the bank has received the answer to your security question, your transaction has been completed. You can then head to the best Vancouver online casinos and to play to your hear’s content.

The entire transfer process takes less than ten minutes and is one of the safest methods out there.

If you are unable to make Interac deposits in the region you are, there are other payment methods to which you can avail yourself.

How do I request a withdrawal via Interac?

You can make deposits using Interac, but you can also request withdrawal should you wish to. It also depends on the Interac casino you are signing up to. Some casinos allow Interac for both deposits and withdrawals, but you might want to double-check this before proceeding ahead.

When it comes to Interac withdrawals, the entire process can take between 4 and 6 days with a $4 withdrawal fee.

What are the benefits of using Interac?

If you are a resident in Canada, there are numerous benefits to using Interac at online gambling sites:

  • You can pay and play in Canadian dollars
  • The deposit fees are the same regardless of the size of your deposits
  • You can use Interac to request withdrawals as well
  • As long as you have an email address and a mobile phone number, you can make deposits at Interac Casinos
  • There are high levels of security since Interac is powered by Canada’s leading financial institutions

Are there any disadvantages to using Interac?

You can understand by now why the best casinos in Canada offer Interac as a payment method. Like every other banking method, it also comes with a few disadvantages:

  • Interac is only available to facilitate deposits in Canada
  • Bank fees can vary from one bank to the next
  • Now all banks in Canada support Interac

If Interac is not available in the area you are in; you can always check other payment methods such as iDebit and eCheck, which are also safe banking methods.

Interac Casinos for Real Money

If you’ve never come across Interac, let us explain to you this payment method. Interac is essentially a network of all major Canadian banks as well as financial institutions to facilitate digital payment transaction.

Since being established in 1984, this payment method has become one of the most preferred and most popular money transfer solutions for Canadians.

Interac provides Canadian residents with debit cards. At the time of writing this, there are over 60k teller machines that accept Interact throughout Canada and circa 450k merchants that also accept this payment method.

What makes Canadian online casinos sites that accept Interac extra special, is the fact that they offer players a Canadian payment solution which is readily accessible locally. Interac casino players can further make deposits and request withdrawals using this method.

Interac Casinos FAQs

🔒 Is Interac safe to make deposits?

Interac is completely and entirely safe as a payment method in Canada. Because it is highly secure and operated under strict financial standards, you will be able to play at the majority of Interac casinos. Only the best and most trustworthy casinos in Canada support Interac.

Finally, as a preventative measure, all legal casinos use SSL encryption for added safety.

👷 How do Interac Casinos work?

Interac casinos work in the same way as every other casino, except for one crucial factor. You won’t have to open any Interac accounts before you can play at a casino. All you need to supply is your email address or your mobile phone number. The only issue we can think of that you would need to look into is if your bank cooperated with Interac.

Once you are ready to play at a Canadian casino, head to the banking page, opt for Interac, input the amount you want to deposit and you’re good to go.

💸 Do all casinos accept Interac for deposits and withdrawals?

Unfortunately, no. Since Interac primarily caters for Canadian players, it is only available within the Canadian territory. At present, there aren’t that many Canadian casinos. The casinos listed above definitely accept Interac for deposits.

When it comes to withdrawals, not all Interac casinos accept this method. You would need to check this out with the casino before getting started.

🎁 Are there casino bonuses at Interac casinos?

Yes. Interac Casinos are ready to bestow you with numerous Canadian casino bonuses, free spins promos and promotions galore. You can avail yourself to match deposit bonuses, no deposit bonus offers, cash-backs, free spins and much more.