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Free Spins


New to online gambling? Nervous about splashing the cash? Don’t sweat, The Genie’s got your back! He‘s used his mystical powers to suss out which online casinos are treating their members right by offering the best free spins!

Free Spins offers in Canada 2020

How Do Free Spins Work?

You’ve probably guessed from the name that free spins normally apply to slots! And you basically get just what you’d expect – a set number of free spins of the slot machine!

The best online casinos are confident about the quality of the experience they offer, and like to let newbies try out their sites for free! They do this by offering new members’ bonuses. Free spins are one of the commonest forms of bonus and typically come in two varieties:

1) Deposit Free Spins

Deposit free spins are awarded when you make a deposit – typically your first deposit, though some of the best casinos continue to reward members further down the line with extra free spins on future deposits, or when they launch new slots games!

2) No Deposit Free Spins

The ‘free-est’ of all free spins! No deposit free spins are awarded simply for signing-up. That means that you get to try out a range of slots without investing a single penny of your own cash! You can see no deposit bonus offers here.

Tempting? The Genie certainly thinks so! We’ve often caught him enjoying the best free spins offers (strictly for market research – of course!)

So, Which is Best?

Casinos are normally more generous when awarding deposit free spins (which makes sense since they naturally want to reward customers for depositing cash).

The truth is, you don’t always have to choose! Many casinos offer free spins when you sign-up, with more available when you make a deposit. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

What if I Win?

Picking the best free spins offer isn’t just about trying games out for free… There’s also the chance you could strike it lucky and win! Prizes on free spins are sometimes awarded as bonus cash – meaning you’ll need to meet wagering requirements before making a withdrawal. This is especially common if you win using free spins.

What Other Bonuses can I Get?

Plenty! It’s common for the best free spins offers to come as part of a package of rewards for new members. Many online casinos also offer cash bonuses – which are more flexible than free spins and can typically be used on any game you want to play!

Explore the best casino bonuses 2019 here.

How Do I Get Free Casino Spins?

The Genie’s done the hard-work, so you don’t have to! All of the casinos listed above provide some of the best free spins offers in 2019 – all you need to do is click through and sign-up to get started!

Can’t make your mind up? Why not sign-up for a few and make your own comparison!

The Ultimate Guide to Free spins Casinos 2020

Are you looking for the newest best free spins offers online? Then you are in the right place because we will tell you everything you need to know about online casino bonuses and promotions on this website. This ultimate guide to getting spins for free without having to make any deposit will explain how you can discover the best sites online to find the vast free spins offers.

We will provide answers to all the questions you may have, such as where to find spins for free, claim them and use them to win some money. We will guide you on what every player needs to know about playing spins on their favorite games for free.

If you are looking for 50, 100 or more spins for free, we will let you know where you can find them. There are hundreds of casino bonuses available all around the world.

Players have access to a lot of information about the benefit of these spins and bonuses from casinos, as well as how to earn them. There is an old well-known saying which goes “ the best things in life are free”, and this also applies to online casinos. If you are perhaps thinking about signing up to earn spins for free from a casino site, or you want to receive free spins from your favorite casino site without any cost, then this guide is for you.

What are Free Spins?

A free spin allows you to play a game just one time, without any cost attached to it. When casinos give spins, they are inviting players to come and join a new casino, or play the latest slot games without risking their own money. A player can claim these spins to play any slot game (except if the spins are limited to a particular game).

After you select an online slot game to play, you can use your free spins to play. The difference between paid spins and free spins boils down to the risk and the slot jackpots. Players do not stand any danger of losing their money if they are playing for free. The winnings they get from the spins are converted to bonuses.

Another difference between the two types of spins is, the free bonus usually doesn’t count toward any progressive jackpot games. This is one part which players don’t usually like about free spins. The progressively built jackpot depends on the collective entry of everybody’s bets. Asides from the jackpot, the free spins work the same way as any other spins in a casino slot game.

Finding Casino Free Spins in Canada

Now that you know a little about spins generally, we want you to discover the places where you can always find free slots online. Luckily, our website has an extensive collection of the best offers, and we have compiled them to make them accessible to you. You should know that most of the free spins usually come as a welcome bonus, which is a marketing strategy for Canadian online casinos to draw players to sign up on their casino website. However, it isn’t always the case that free spins are only given as a welcome bonus.

Some online casinos also run campaigns and offers where they give returning customers free spins. This happens all the time across a couple of the best online slots casinos. They usually have contests, raffles, and giveaways, offering lots of free bonuses to players who are eligible to claim them. From everything said, we can say that all online casinos give a free bonus to some extent, but most times, it is the newest casinos which are looking to attract people to their website, that offer players the most attractive free bonuses online.

It is only if you are signing up for the first time that these sites will offer a mind-blowing amount of free spins. Especially if you compare the number of free spins to what returning players will be getting, which is usually around 25 and 50 free spins. If you search through the newest casinos, you will find that some of them who are trying to get ahead of the competition, are offering players hundreds of free spins after they sign up.

However, these huge bonuses are typically attached to a wagering requirement which all casinos online give as a condition for the spins, but this shouldn’t discourage you. It may not be easy meeting up with the requirements, but it is mandatory, especially if you want to withdraw your bonus. If you want to get the most from these free bonuses, you should know that it is usually the most competitive new casino sites which will be drawing your attention with an incredibly large number of free spins.

In your search for the best bonuses, free spins and promotions from online casinos, it is best to look through our site for the recommended casinos, to make sure that you are dealing with the best and most trusted sites, with the best free spins offer in 2019.

Are Free Spins Really Free?

Are you wondering if these free spins are actually free? People are always skeptical, especially when it comes to free things. They usually believe that nothing comes free in life, but that is not the case with a free bonus from online slots casinos. Some players claim that free spins are not actually free gifts, because they come to some sort of cost, even though they are entirely free. This argument is as a result of the wagering requirements attached to it, that makes players say it isn’t really free.

The wagering requirement is mandatory, and the player has to wager a certain number of times or a certain amount before the bonus can be fully redeemed.

For instance, if the player is given 100 free spins in Canada which come with a 35 times wagering requirement, the player will need to wager 35 times the value of the bonus before the funds will be released. This means that the bonus is free but just comes with some conditions. Another thing that makes some claim that it isn’t at all totally free is that players will need to enter their personal information when registering, and will have to create an account before they can claim the promotion. They also have to search a bit harder for the casinos that offer free spins. However, the truth still is, that these spins are free and don’t come at any monetary cost.

Online Slots With Free Spins

Many of the free spins offers online are attached to a particular slot game on a casino site promoting the bonuses. There are some very new online slots games developed by top developers in the gaming industry, and the casino will want to promote these games and attract people to play the games with bonuses. There are also some times when the free spins offered are on classic slot games which everyone is familiar with, and they love. This way, they are able to capture players with different interests and experience to enjoy the benefit of the bonus.

Most times, you will find out that the newest slot games which are being advertised with free spins keep on changing every year, unlike the classic slot machines that are popularly advertised by online casinos. The welcome bonuses online usually come with a few popular titles such as the Starburst slot game, which is consistent with its bonus offers every year. The slot game, which is developed by NetEnt, is designed with childlike graphics and attractive audio.

A large number of top online slots casinos offer bonuses for slot games such as Starburst, and some even provide hundreds of spins for free. Other games like Gonzo’s Quest, which is also a NetEnt game, and Twin Soon, are also top-rated video slot games that are connected with free spin bonuses online. Although these are not just the only free video slot games online that come with bonuses, as there are so many others, these are the most popular.

If you are observant, you will notice some titles in popular slot video games such as Mega Moolah or something like Everybody’s Jackpot. If you sign up for these type of offers, you won’t get any free spins. This is because they are progressive jackpot slots, and free spins do not count on these type of offers. It would make no sense for casinos to promote a jackpot slot with free spins.

Not All Slots Online Have Free Spins

If an online casino is giving out bonuses, it would mean that the game developer or provider has enabled this feature in the game. The bonus program is usually set through the casino management backend tool or through a particular API. Not all video slot games have their free spins functionality programmed.

This is the reason why players notice that when they play certain games, they are rewarded, while they get nothing on other game titles. Reliable sources have claimed that some developers are working to introduce these rewards functionality in some online games soon, including Monopoly, Zeus, Davinci Diamonds and Cleopatra.


One popular video online slot game is Starburst, and it comes with a lot of free spins offers from online casinos. The game is popular amongst English players and is very simple to play. It involves matching jewels to get a winning combination. If you are a Starburst fan, luckily there are a lot of online casinos where you can get a free bonus to start earning some money.

Free spins casino bonus canada starburst

Reasons to Play Online Casino with Free Spins in Canada

If you get tired of playing the fun mode in video slots, the free spins are a way for you to play the real game without any risks. You get the actual gaming experience and the excitement of winning free of charge. Free spins also give you a chance to play new games. You can discover new video slot games online without risking your money, and you also get to win some cash in return.

Five Tips on How to Get the Best out of Your Free Spins

If you want to get the best out of the free bonus you claim from online slot casinos, then you should know these tips:

• You should always go through the terms and conditions for the casino’s free spins; this allows you to know exactly how much you can win, as well as their wagering requirements for your bonus. • Do a little research on the games with the highest percentage of wagering requirements, especially for slots. If you are considering winning on slot games, you will need to play a lot more to fulfil their wagering requirements. • Always look out for new online slot games, because casinos will be giving a lot of free spins to promote these slots. • Also, check regularly for other promotions from online casinos. Some casinos give out free daily spins, while others make it weekly. • Look out for the validity period of the bonus which is being offered, because you don’t want to end up losing all your free spins because they have expired.

It is important not to put in your mind that you will make a lot of money from free spins. They are designed to make you have fun and most times are of limited value. They also have wagering requirements which are attached to your winnings, and you will need to play more to meet up with the conditions. Another interesting fact about online slots is, the more you win, the more you will wager to be able to meet up with the casino's withdrawal conditions of your bonus. There are also some online casinos which offer bonuses without wagering requirements or with less demanding conditions.

Different types of Free Spins

The free spins offered by casinos come in two types; with or without a deposit. When a casino offers free spins without a deposit, it means that as soon as you sign up with them, your account gets credited with spins, and you won’t need to pay any money to claim them. Most casinos offering this kind of no deposit bonus usually give out 10 to 20 spins for a certain period. The validity of these spins could be for a day or could last up to one week. It all depends on the casino. You will need to read their terms and conditions to know the validity of the spins. The most important aspect to always bear in mind is which of the games the free spins are tied to. For instance, if you intend playing Gonzo’s Quest, and you have free spins for Starburst slots, you will need to make a deposit because you can only use the free spins for the Starburst game.

Also, most free spins come as a welcome package for new players. For instance, a free welcome package could come in the form of 200 free spins, where the player will be given 20 free spins for free without any deposit, while the remaining 180 free spins will be activated after a deposit has been made. Free spins always come with wagering requirements.

The wagering requirements are usually a catch for free spins, and it requires that you play through your winnings before you can redeem them. If you get 20 free spins and win a bonus of $20, you will need to roll the number over 30 times; that would mean having to win $600 before you can withdraw. The reason is, that if the casinos were giving out free money out to maybe 200 people with no conditions, they would be losing a lot of money. That is why the wagering requirements are there; to give players a bit of a challenge before winning. If you lose all the $20, you will need to make a deposit with real money to continue playing your slot games, but this time around any winnings made will immediately go to your account.

Know the Cashout Limit

Another thing you should know is that free spins in Canada are usually subject to a cash-out limit. Basically, the limit is often the maximum amount of money you can withdraw with your bonus.

The casino may place a bonus limit of $50, while some may be up to $1000. It is always best to look for casinos with a higher cash-out limit

How Come the Casinos Are Giving out Free Money?

It may seem puzzling to players why online casinos in Canada seem to be giving out free money everywhere. The fact is, every free spin has a value. For instance, one spin could be valued at $0.01 which means you are just getting $2 worth of free spins from online casinos, and this is not a lot.

Secondly, experienced players always know that you can quickly exhaust 10-20 spins in less than an hour on a slot game. If you plan on playing for much longer than that, you would need to make a deposit on the casino site eventually.

The third fact, which is also essential to know, is that casinos are giving away free spins to draw more players to sign up and make a deposit on their site. They want people to keep playing games with them, and they will always ensure that players try new slots by giving out free spins.

If the players enjoy the games on the casino site, they will continue to play the slot game on the platform, even after they have exhausted the free spins. Also, the casino gives free spins because of the competition out there. There are many online casinos, and they have all these offers to bring you over to their side.

Is There a Limit to How Much I Can Win by Playing with Free Spins?

There is normally a limit you can earn with your free spins, and the limit is different for each online casino. This is why it is always vital to check each online casino's terms and conditions before you sign up. They usually state how much you can win from using your free spins, as well as the requirements for withdrawal of your bonus.

For instance, if the casino has placed a winning limit of $10000 on free spins, and if you play a progressive jackpot and win $100000, you will only be able to claim $10000. That is the reason why it is best to use your own money to play progressive slots, instead of the free bonus.

Limits are usually placed on many online slots, even if you claim free spins in addition to bonus rounds when playing games. In fact, if you get plenty of spins when playing a game, you will still not be able to claim more than the casino allows, because of the limit.

bonus steps when using free spins in canada

So, Which is Best?

Casinos are normally more generous when awarding deposit free spins (which makes sense since they naturally want to reward customers for depositing cash).

The truth is, you don’t always have to choose! Many casinos offer free spins when you sign-up, with more available when you make a deposit. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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Free spins are now the latest trend in the gambling industry, and it is always good to take advantage of a free offer. However, you need to exercise a lot of caution and learn the fine print which is attached to most Canadian casino bonuses.

To be on the right track, we hope this article covers everything you should know about the free bonuses, and how you can get some money from them.