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Are online casinos rigged?

One of the most critical questions posed by many players at some time or another relates to the fairness of online casinos. When players hit a losing streak, many tend to pose the question, “are online casinos rigged?”.

If players start assuming that all online casinos are rigged and players can’t win any money from them, casinos would have shut business by now. Of course, there are ways for casinos to guarantee that they make a profit in the long run, such as the House Edge. The House Edge warrants that casino makes money from players in the long run. But more of that a little later.

We want to today dispel any rumors that might arise when you are online gambling. Read on to learn more.

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How do online casinos make money?

While as a player your aim is to win money, the casinos’ main goal is to make a profit from customers and staying in business. There are laws and regulations in place that make sure that casinos operate safely and securely. Gambling authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, make sure that casinos operate to a certain standard and fairly.

Every now and again when a player hits a losing streak, they start to get suspicious, assuming that either the casino games are rigged, or the casino itself is. These theories tend to come from players who have made a loss. Whether they are down on their luck or not sure how to play casino games, they always blame it on a rigged system. Why would players keep on flocking to new casinos if they were forever losing? And why would casinos offer free bonus money such as $10 free no deposit bonus to players to give them a chance at winning?

The one biggest complaint that we hear from players time and time again is that they can’t win. Sure, there is the house edge that is in place, but it’s nigh impossible to make the assumption that players never win, purely because many do and become millionaires at the click of a button.

Casino games such as online slots use Random Number Generators, which are part of the rules and regulations as set out by the respective Gambling Commissions. The Random Number Generators are in place to make sure that every spin or wager is independent of the other. Every wager thus has the same odds. Though luck plays a huge factor in winning casino games, you also need to take into consideration any possible bad decisions, especially when you are playing at the best live casinos.

Let’s be honest, bad decisions can easily lead to losing control of your emotions and leading to even more bad decisions.

How do casinos ensure fairness?

Let’s just get one thing clear. We are not, in any way, implying that every casino out there is trustworthy and fair. If anything, before signing up to any new casino, look for signs that the casino is fair and honest, as we will explain shortly. In general, if the casino is listed on here at GambleGenie, it has been deemed safe and secure. We have done all the necessary checks to make sure that the casinos are adhering to safety procedures.

In order for a casino to operate, they first need to get a gambling license. This license ensures that the casino is regularly being monitored as well as audited to ensure that players are treated in a fair manner.

Since casinos will be constantly in touch with Gambling Authorities as well as the government in the respected jurisdictions, there are a number of regulations that casinos have to adhere to at any costs or risk going out of business,.

How to spot a trustworthy casino?

First off, never sign up to any casino with a superb-looking casino bonus. There are many things to keep in mind, especially when you are looking for a casino bonus. Remember, that the bigger the bonus, the higher the wagering requirements, and not being able to meet playthroughs, means that you will never be able to withdraw any winnings.

Furthermore, if you are going to be sharing your personal as well as your financial information with any casino, you should make sure it’s one that keeps your information under wraps. After all, you wouldn’t share your credit card details with random strangers, and the same applies to casinos.

You should always look for signs of a Gambling license on the casino you are looking to sign up to. In general, casinos publish this information at the bottom of the website. Leading gambling jurisdictions including the Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar as well as the United Kingdom. These institutions will push gaming requirements onto casinos, to make sure that each and every player has a fair and equal chance.

One such requirement is employing the services of a Random Number Generator as part of their safety features. The RNG is in place before the casino adds its first slot game to the website. Additionally, before signing up, always read casino reviews to learn more about the experiences of other players. You can read our casino reviews here, and understand what players are saying about the casinos towards the bottom of the review.

If you don’t research any casino properly, you are risking having your personal and financial information compromised, so it is always recommended that you research well the casino to see what other players have said about it.

Even if they have ticked all the above boxes, and are ready to make your first deposit to claim the welcome casino offer, read the terms and conditions to a) see what the number of wagering requirements are and b) to see if there are any caps on winnings. It would be pointless to deposit money and not being able to cash out any winnings. What would be the point of online gambling in that case?

Once you are happy with the casino you are signing up to, you have to play the right casino games to achieve wins. Read our guide on volatility here and how to pick the right games with the best RTP here.

Knowing how to pick the right games to lower the house edge, is only one step of many to safeguard you have the best possible gambling experience.

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