Steam Tower Slot Review


Steam tower slot is a video slot game released by Net Entertainment in 2015. It is one of the coolest slot machines you will ever find on the Steampunk genre.

Steam Tower is remarkable for its distinction among the horde of online slot machines. Your job on this popular video slot is to help the hat-wearing hero beside the reels and assist him in getting up the daunting 16-storey tower. This is with the aim of rescuing the princess who has been held in captivity by the evil dragon.

Ascending the tower is only achievable when you make use of the free spins, while you can take advantage of a progressive multiplier alongside a huge amount of stacked Wilds on your route. You can win as much as 2000x what you have staked when you take on this very exciting medium volatility online slot game.

This popular video slot favor (in the online casino industry) has a very good RTP which is a full point more than the industrial average. This makes this online slot game very alluring to players who want to make some cash. The volatility range makes the slot machine very flexible as it can be played by all and sundry making sure that huge fluctuations are not a cause for concern when you decide to take a spin. We would be wrong to exclude steam tower slot from our pick of best online slot games in the online casino space today.

This popular video slot is a mix of the Steampunk genre with the classic genre combining to give you an interesting adventure online slot game that leaves you wanting for more. The creators are renowned for bringing crazy funny titles and this is a slot machine that has looked every inch the marvel developers are known for.

As one of the best online slots out there, steam tower slot is a 5 reeler alongside 3 rows and 15 pay lines. Because of the way the slot machine is played, you cannot proceed in this popular video slot without activating the free spins which is crucial in your task to rescue the princess.

The free spins are what makes you able to climb the tower floors including climbing all the way up to the princess and the evil dragon. And this is one unique feature that stands out in this slot machine. To help you on your quest is an ever-increasing multiplier which increases the higher you move up the tower.

Steam tower slot is a very cool online slot game and showcases NetEnt's ability to make games that are quite different and unique from each other in its own catalogue. It is a popular video slot which almost everyone is certain to like.

Steam Tower Bonus Features

Remember, the main focus of this non-progressive online slot game is to make it up all the way to the 16th floor to slay the evil dragon and rescue the princess. So you would need to utilize the free spin feature which when activated with a wild, enables you to have an extra 10 free spins after which you can climb to the first floor. This slot machine has 16 floors before you achieve the objective and get 1000 coins to win reward. For every grappling gun wild you attain, you move up one floor while collecting two more free spins. This goes on for every floor with the multipliers increasing per floor until you get to the 16th floor which has a 7x multiplier. Remember the first floor started with 2x right? Once you activate the free spins it will not be a difficult task to get additional spins which you can use to hit some huge wins.

Steam Tower Jackpot

Unfortunately for the progressive slot lovers, there are no huge payouts on this game. But if you can make it all the way to the top then be sure to expect the 1000 coin prize money reward. To ensure maximum wins, make sure you hit stacked wilds in every reel. Thus we see why Steam tower slot seals its ample position among the best online slot games of our time.

Steam Tower mobile and Tablet compatibility

This is a popular video slot that easily fits the screen of your mobile and Tablet devices. It is extremely adaptable and you can play this game without any lag or glitch. Furthermore, this online slot game is also accessible on the NetEnt Touch platform.

So you can take Steam tower slot wherever you are going and you will be sure to always stay occupied with one of the best online slot games you can jump on. You can also access the game through the Google play store on Android, and the IOS App store for the iPhone and iPad. The game is particularly very good on iPhone so users with that device will want to check it out.

Steam Tower conclusion

You can tell this is a slot machine with a lot of thought and effort poured into its development. This you can see this from the rich classical design and animations helping you forget the missing progressive jackpot.

The graphics are top-notch which is not unusual coming from NetEnt while climbing the tower with your free spins is an adventure you will want to embark on over and over again. With a chance of pocketing 2000x your wager you can be sure of receiving a decent payout once you decide to be the knight in shining armour for the beautiful princess.

This is an online slot game that comes highly recommended and you can be the first to slay the dragon and rescue the princess by playing the game here.