Halls of Gods Slot Review


This is a progressive video slot game released in 2013 by NetEnt. The Game’s theme brings on the supernatural thrill of famous Nordic superpowers like Thor, Odin, Loki, Freya and Idun.

The game ensures players bask in epic fun presenting 5 reels and 20 paylines further spiced with three bonus features. This game is equally famed for its profitability being acclaimed to have paid the largest prize sum of almost £8 million to a Norwegian player who went home with the ultimate jackpot in 2015.

This is an old game, though still popular among players due to the fact that it pays huge jackpot winnings to players who are daring and lucky enough to win jackpot amount.

Hall of Gods Special Features and Bonus offer

The Scatter Symbol: this symbol means that the “gods are with this player” having massive fortune. The scatter symbols are represented by Odin’s Ravens named Huginn and Muninn. According to Norse myth, it is acclaimed that Huginn and Muninn would fly all round the world and bring back news to Odin.

In this game, the birds symbolise good news. It offers 10 free spins. However, if a player finds three raven scatter symbols, he/she gets 15 free spins, on finding 4 scatter symbols, he gets 20 free spins. The free spins increases progressively in proportion to the number of scatter symbols revealed to a player at a time.

Any winnings a player makes with the free spins will be multiplied by 3 to make the bonus rounds worthwhile. However, a player can re-trigger the free spins if he/she finds more scatter symbols while spinning using the free rounds.

Expanding Wild: this is represented by the wild serpent symbol. A player can get a winning combination via the symbol of the wild serpent on a number of reels (specifically 2,3, and 4). The symbol expands to show the serpent in its majestic form increases the player’s chances of making more combos.

Bonus Game: this is represented by the hammer and shield symbol. A player stands to win a jackpot if the hammer and shield symbol are revealed on the reels.

Wild Dragon symbol: this symbol can stand for all other symbols except the scatter and bonus symbols. If it appears on reels 2, 3 and 4, it expands to cover the whole reel re-directing a player to a winning bet-line.


Hall of Gods is reputed as one of the progressive video slot games that offer the biggest jackpot (average jackpot winning stands at about £5.9 million) to players. Only big things come with the Nordic gods right? As such, jackpot winnings in the Hall of gods should also be mightiest among jackpots offered by other games.

Hall of Gods Jackpot

Hall of Gods Jackpot is in three levels:

  • The mini jackpot which runs into hundreds of GBP, sometimes thousands depending on how lucky a player is.
  • The midi jackpot runs into tens of thousands of GBP
  • The mega jackpot can run into millions of GBP. The current Hall of Gods mega jackpot is a life-changing sum of £7,820,888.

For a player to unlock the jackpot, he/she must find three bonus symbols (represented as Thor’s mighty hammer smashing into a shield) on reels 3, 4 and 5. Lucky players will be directed to a screen displaying 15 shields, a player must keep hitting the shields to get a cash prize or one of the three jackpot levels.

Prize money won by the player will be added to his/her balance and he/she will be re-directed to the main game.

Hall of Gods on Mobile and Tablet

This video slot game is compatible with mobile devices and works well on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

How to Play

The major paying symbols in the game represent Norse gods: Odin, Thor, Loki, Freya and Idun.

The minor symbols represent mystic items like hammer, ring, pendant, axe and chest filled with fruit. A player is expected to find at least 2 of 4 symbols with the highest value to win a cash prize.

A player is expected to select his/her bet and hit the play button to start playing. A player can choose to use the auto-play option which gives him/her the chance of making a thousand consecutive spins.

Also, a player can use the preview button to check out jackpot bonus games. He/she is to watch out for the wild symbol which can replace all others.


Despite the old-school graphics of hall of gods, the game still offers players exciting time that can’t be easily forgotten and a life-time adventure with the Norse gods.

The expanding wild is an innovative aspect of the game that leaves a player dazzled coupled with the free spins which offer players big chances of making a good profit for the day.

The most exciting aspect of the game is the prospect of a player hitting the jackpot though it doesn’t come easy.

Hall of god has a record of 15 millionaires and the chance is open for players to be added to Hall of god’s latest millionaire collection.

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